East Coast Birthday Bash

Close friends who flew from California to join the party.

Close friends who flew from California to join the party.

This past weekend I celebrated my 50th (wow, when did that happen?!) birthday in New Hampshire. It was great to connect with my family and friends that still live on the east coast. Some friends, pictured above, joined me in traveling from sunny San Diego, Ca to have a fun packed weekend, too. The weekend was jammed packed with a sunset cruise, farm tours, golf, and late night parties. My lovely lady friend even surprised me with a chance to DJ for a local Portsmouth, NH radio station WSCA! It was a lot of fun. People from both coasts contributed song lists for the surprise so I wouldn't be left in dark; however, unbeknownst to us it was a special Rockabilly day. It shook me a bit, but I managed to throw in songs like "Honey Don't" by Carl Perkins and "We Wanna Boogie" by Sonny Burgess. I had a lot of fun commentating and using my DJ experience again. 


Returning to the east coast, no matter how brief, reminds you how beautiful it is, especially as fall comes around. It's probably the biggest difference I recognize now that I am a California resident. The sunset cruise the birthday mob went on was really a sight to see. The nights were equally a sight to see as we closed places down around town. Fun? To say the least. I feel lucky I was surrounded by amazing, dancing buffoons. Me included.

I have a glowing tie!

I am extending my vacation and a few of us are continuing our travels to Canada. The adventure continues!