Vinyl records, music knowledge, starting companies, typewriters, and being the best manager I can be... These are my passions. I lead a busy life in technology development, but I always seem to have time to create playlists, joke with my co-workers, and discuss the enthusiasm within the collectible industry.

My Life as a Collector

Collecting and maintaining a collection of over 20 vintage typewriters and 30,000 vinyl records takes time, effort, and money. But, to me, it's really just a lot of fun. My record collection began when I started a DJ company in high school. It was also when my hearing ability began to diminish in my left ear... I digress. I needed music inspiration to play at house parties and corporate events.  With an expansive client base, my music collection had to be expansive too. My enjoyment in gathering music knowledge is what continues my collecting habit. I only gain more knowledge in the number of editions and covers I collect, even if it is for the same artist and record. 


My collection of typewriters and vinyl records that overtakes my living room. 


So, records? Understandable, I was a successful, young DJ. But how does a man begin a collection of Typewriters? Truth is, not really sure. It starts with one. Then another. And pretty soon I am the owner of over 20, including a pink Royal Typewriter. I said it, "I am the owner of a pink typewriter." What non-typewriter-lovers do not understand is the pink one is my most valuable. It proudly sits in my living room. As you see in my picture, so do a lot of other things. To say I've had arguments about my decorating tactic is an understatement. 

I guess that leads into a great point. Collectors are interesting people. Some could argue we are the most  interesting. Get us talking about the right topic or item and we can keep going for hours. We love to learn details and the history behind what we collect. Like I mentioned about my record collection, part of it is about the knowledge you gain. An interesting part of it, too, is you don't necessarily have to purchase an array of items to be a collector. Some just gather the knowledge. Enthusiasts. Just the same, they'll love to tell you a fact about something special. And, who doesn't love a random fact you can share and impress at a party. 

Us collectors, we can talk a lot... so I will end my narrative here. Cruise around. I'll be a little personal and a little professional in the space, but it's bound to be a good time.